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To create a new website or update the old, to advance to the top or fix the reputation of the company

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Website development

from the 49 000 RUB.

We will develop the website from scratch. Use the best practices. Highlight You from your competitors. Follow the deadlines.

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  • Research competitors
  • Design news portals
  • Online shopping
  • Creating a Landing page under the key
  • Mobile adaptation
  • Hosting sites
  • Redesign existing

SEO promotion

from the 12 000 RUB./month.

Promote Your site in the top Yandex and Google. Bring Your business a loyal customer that will triple Your income

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  • Voice search
  • Throughout Russia and the rest of the world
  • SEO analysis of websites
  • Optimization for online stores
  • The keyword search
  • Content management sites
  • Support

Contextual advertising

from the 5 000 RUB./month.

Fast output of Your site in the top search. Growth and applications in the first week of work on Your website.

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  • Yandex.Metric
  • Google.AdWords
  • Website optimization
  • The result after 5 days
  • The keyword search

Technical support

from the 10 000 RUB.

Site maintenance and redesign of the pages. Tidy and fill it with content

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  • Will increase targeted traffic
  • Revision resource
  • Website development
  • Advice

SMM in social networks

from the 9 000 RUB./month.

Your brand will! Promote in social networks Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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  • Development of a comprehensive strategy of brand promotion
  • Develop a unique design and
  • Configure targeted advertising on target groups
  • Create unique photo and video content
  • Communication with the audience – the answers to the questions, comments

Mobile app

from the 150 000 RUB.

Creating from scratch. On Android / IOS. Any complexity

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  • Consulting and Analytics
  • Development on iOS and Android
  • UX/UI, user research
  • Revision of ready-made applications

Dear Customer, why?

Why we deserve Your trust?

Our goal is not to make money, and sell more services.
We have a principle, don't do website or promotion unless he
it will not help in the growth of sales to the Customer.
We're really going to take care of You.
Recommend reasonable promotion strategy.

You have a limited budget? Not a problem! We will start small. Gradually, with the increase of Your sales You will be offered to expand it.Many of our customers has grown into a major company with us. Call any Client of the portfolio and ask about our work, feedback will surprise You!

Reviews about us

A team of professionals

All specialists of our company undergo specialized training on materials: Igor Mann, David Ogilvi, Philip Kotler.

Vladimir Krivov

The main ideologist of Rossit. The idea generator and inspirer team

A perfect draft, in my understanding, is both interesting and complex. And the client is a perfectionist, not for whom, but with whom you're doing work. The combination of these conditions really appeals to me and finds a certain resonance in my soul. Because I'm the same, probably corrosive.

Alexander Krivov

Mentor young professionals

The site has many components. At first glance difficult to understand that a business card of Your company is the result of joint work of many specialists. Rotsit tries to satisfy the wishes of customers, but also to do their work as efficiently as if we were doing it for themselves.

Aitekenov Michael

Guru support and build

To create website can any novice programmer. To create a website, making a profit, but we can.

Antonenko Andrey

Expert on functionality

I think the beauty of the site lies not only in mapping but also in the underlying functional features which will make it easy to interact with every part of Your website. As they say, but will arrive with the site profit.

Kamalova Catherine

The engine of progress

I Your hand, which You did not know before. You bet, and I will monitor its performance to detail was taken into account, the ideas implemented. Translate wishes from Your language to the programmers. Gather a team of competent professionals to work on Your project.

Gazolajewa Love

The Creator of the colorful and lively projects

No matter what product You develop. The good thing is a thing, people-oriented. It is not only convenience and functionality, important emotional content. Good design is a living, responsive, speaking the same language with the user, with the character – fascinates and attracts.

Alina Safronova

The listener and the Herald of Your desires

To understand the wishes of the customer – the key to successful operation. We try to take into account the specifics of Your company, not only in the design stage, but in the future, when the website information content, order articles, study ads.

Loginovskih Anastasia

Creator realistic 3D projects

My job is not only a creative flow of ideas, but diligent work, to recreating the smallest detail for realistic images. Every frame, every change of perspective and scale are carefully controlled. This is the quality of our work.

Gimranova Xenia

Managing the financial health of the organization

As said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "the order teaches one to save time." Clarity and coherence determines the strength of our team – You get the best result in the shortest possible time.

Romanov Vasily

The auditor's appearance

Do it perfectly or not do it at all. We create websites that generate revenue and promote Your company among others. Contact us and You will receive great service and attention and care.

Gleb Strelkov

Supplier of traffic to the site

The success of a website lies in its attendance. While creating a quality advertising campaign can help to attract Your target audience. The best customers are interested customers.

Vasilyeva Svetlana

Responsible for the development and growth of all

All are committed to growth. Be it development of man, rise the corporate ladder, or winning the first pages of search engines. With the latter we can help.

Zayarny Anton

Chief editor the articles and content sites

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in the mind that you did everything you could to become the best man you could be.

Balan Vasily

Expert in sales

For me a point of honor to provide You with quality service. My goal is not to sell but to help.

Victoria Nazarova

Software perfectionist

Make Your website the fastest on the Internet. Absolute optimization, literate code, perfect adaptation. Perfect sites is my life!

Vladimir KrivovAlexander KrivovAitekenov MichaelAntonenko AndreyKamalova CatherineGazolajewa LoveAlina SafronovaLoginovskih AnastasiaGimranova XeniaRomanov VasilyGleb StrelkovVasilyeva SvetlanaZayarny AntonBalan VasilyVictoria Nazarova

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Your trust is very valuable to us!

Dear Customer, You trust us Internet promotion? We assure you that You will be satisfied!

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2020-03-27 12:00:13
To order services on website promotion ✔ app | the Cost of website promotion in Volgograd


Order the website is a great opportunity to bring your business to a new level. With the increase of Internet users increases the need for brand representation in the Internet. A private web resource is the most effective way of attracting new customers if it is quality made and stylish design. The company “Restzeit” has extensive experience in creating websites of various types. In the list of services in creating websites is to develop:

  • business card websites;
  • online stores;
  • portals;
  • information systems.

If You need to order a site in Volgograd, please, contact “Restzeit”. Every project we divide into several parts to make minimal risks and give an accurate quote. The team of our web Studio solves the problem any, allowing each work stage we are completing the qualitative result.

Order website promotion in the Studio “Restzeit”

In addition to developing websites we are also engaged in their promotion: contextual and banner advertising, SEO-promotion on key demands. If you order website promotion at the stage of developing, it will be much effective.

The timing and results of the promotion depend on the available budget. Trying to push larger competitors with a small budget, it is unwise, because it leads to useless spending. The best solution in this case will be to promote low-frequency queries – this allows the business to take a confident position in your own niche. Rotsit Services to promote the site to confirm the effectiveness of this strategy.

Order website promotion in Volgograd on the site of web-Studio "Restzeit" or the telephone number listed in the contact section. Our specialists will answer all Your questions and clarify details of the project.

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