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A Landing Page with a high conversion rate, developed by turnkey by our team of professionals, and includes many additional options, ensure effective involvement of target actions-leads (request, call).


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Contacts for fast communication with you

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The brightest and best of the product offering

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Hot offer

The protest time limit or number

Why you?

Your competitive advantages and guarantee

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Landing Page
2020-03-27 12:27:14
Landing Page Volgograd 📃 | Landing page in Volgograd – book landing page under the key | the Creation of a landing page

Landing Page

A Landing Page is a single page website, which aims that the client has made a specific action (i.e. buy a book, enroll in a class, etc.). A Landing Page differs from the usual web site that they create it for a particular product or event. These pages were Originally devised for search engines, landing today is the site optimized for the needs of a specific audience, so the conversion from this page will be much higher.

Who is Landing Page?

A Landing page is required if You sell a product or service, test a new product. In some cases, through the landing you can imagine, a group of products, but it is important to remember that the buyer made a purchase, left the application.

The page must be created so that the user performed a specific action. When creating a landing page, you need to consider the features potential customers, their behavior and requests.

Features of creating a Landing Page

The main purpose of the page is not only to attract potential customers, but also to give the most complete information about the product or service. On a standard web site to learn about the method of payment and delivery or about the characteristics of the product, you need to go to different pages. Landing page created to ensure that all information was in one place.

While you create the page, it is important to know the portrait of his buyer, to understand his inner motivation of purchase.

In the process of creating a landing page are:

  • approval of the technical specifications;
  • create a unique design;
  • cross-browser markup;
  • adaptation of pages for different devices;
  • the connection forms for applications;
  • content unique content;
  • the connection of the counters, widgets, social.networks.

Order Landing Page

To order the development of a Landing page in Volgograd on our website in a web Studio “Restzeit” or the telephone number listed in the section contacts. Our employees have extensive experience in creating single page websites and select the most effective tools specifically for You.

We can use Your logos and corporate colors. During the whole process the staff communicate with the customer.

Cost Of Landing Page

Cost of landing page in Volgograd , You can check on the website of the web Studio “Restzeit” in the section prices. Each project is different and cost may vary depending on the target group and the complexity of the design.


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