SEO аудит сайта

Узнайте, какие ошибки мешают продвижению Вашего сайта.

SEO аудит сайта
2020-03-05 10:36:49
SEO audit of website

We will hold a free SEO audit of the site in Volgograd

A quick check of the website for errors and optimized for search queries helps to promote websites and increase the profit of the business. In the first place service interesting to the owners of the site.

Stages of audit site

Verification is carried out step by step. Experience has allowed to develop algorithm of actions:

  • Basic auditing. It is held through Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics. So checked the attendance, given the donors.
  • A technical audit. The report will be the results of domain validation, mirrors, redirects, encoding and.
  • Analysis of the structure: depth articles, site map, usability.
  • Audit content. You need to check the uniqueness of the subjects.

Often the promotion of your website suffers because of the poor quality of texts and ill-conceived content plan.

What are the benefits for the owner after SEO audit of the website

Healthy competition helps to look for affordable ways to find and attract customers. SEO audit of sites in Volgograd is popular among website owners, as it gives several advantages. Analyze the main parameters, and in the end the client receives:

  • Collector links will retrieve and analyze internal and external links.
  • After finding and removing the errors in proportion to increase the loading speed of the website.
  • Content analysis will allow to optimize the ratio between HTML code and text.
  • Full list of meta tags. Now the owner will be able to follow the keys, titles, etc.

A full analysis will be useful to those who could not achieve the desired result on their own. The isolation and error analysis helps to establish the business process of customer acquisition.

Report on the diagnosis of the site

The client needs to obtain the result. Report SEO site audit reflected a number of important parameters. It is in an understandable form, to avoid confusion. All information recorded in strict accordance with the technical specifications, which is certainly subject to prior approval by the customer.

The service allows you to find bugs that prevents to reach the goal, so it's an excellent investment in your own business.